It’s nearly time for Billy Joel to wake up…

23rd August, 2006. A lot of things have happened to me over the past days of this month. Let’s try to recall each one of them.

9th of September. My hard disk, after nearly a year of struggle, toil and endurance (it had to endure all the times I did a forced turnoff of the comp), if finally went corrupt and died. I loaded the CPU onto my bicycle basket and sent it to a nearby techie the next day, to have it checked and fixed. Awesome, I found out that it would cost $160. Now the problem is, because of a certain mum-and-dad argument two nights before, neither parent was willing to pay for the computer. Over the next five weekdays the computer was left at the repair shop to rot (but it doesn’t rot so easily, as I found out). It was only on the next Saturday, when things between my parents were finally settled, and I finally got the financial backing I needed to service the computer. Thankfully, some data could be retrieved from the old hard disk, so I tranferred all necessary and useful files into the new, clean disk with the computer and the techie shop. it was a nice computer, very fast and responsive. Overjoyed, I paid the guy, heaved the CPU back onto my bicycle, and headed home.
The computer’s performance had improved a lot. It’s very fast now. I can’t wait to re-install all my programs in.

Today, in school, due to my lack of paid attention in previous Chinese language classes, I discovered that my Chinese oral exam was this afternoon. Gawddammit. Caught unprepared. Even then, I did nothing to prepare, and just bashed headlong through the whole thing when my turn finally came (I was last in line).

Song of the moment: Coldplay – Yellow
Financial situation: Nothing to speak of
What’s for dinner: Vegetables and fish
New English word: Risible (formal) – casual, not serious
New Japanese word: Honto (really)

Alright, that’s another post done.

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