Live Firing!

Today was the day. Me and my NCC mates were going for live firing, at last. Real M-16s, real rounds, real targets, everything real.
We got to leave class at 11.45 AM to change and have lunch, before setting off to NCC HQ.
We got off the bus and met up with some other NCC boys from Macpherson Secc, and I could remember some faces from my Mt. Ophir camp.
We had a safety briefing by our lieutenants, told what to do and what not to do in the firing range. The Macpherson boys were the first to grab their helmets and earplugs and head off for the rangel; the Junyuan boys and I had to wait at least half an hour before it was our turn.
We first fired upon a couple of canadian bull targets. Each firing lane had a target board of two targets, one above the other, and we were supposed to pump 4 bullets at each target, making it a total of 8.
Firing the M-16 was uber-cool. Real recoil! Real shell ejection! Real rotating bolt action! Real bang! Real smoke! It was awesome.
I finished the first phase of the event with 4 successful hits on each target, just a few centimetres below the actual bull shape.
Next was the real firing run, we were to shoot 5 bullets at two soldier head targets, one whilst supposed by the sandbag, the other unsupported. I did well wilth the sandbag, and managed to get all 5 bullets right smack at the soldier’s face. However, I made a very close miss during unsupported firing, and got only 4 in. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for the Marksmanship badge, so I went back feeling heavily disappointed.

Yep, that’s it.

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