3rd June 2006

Whew! I’ve been really busy over the past couple of days, mainly because of this Biodiversity two-day course I (and nearly the whole of the rest of the biology class) signed up for. It was an incredible experience; I got to see first-hand how biology reseachers do field work in natural habitats all around us. I learnt techiques and methods the researchers employ to help them in their studies, and I even got to do a little field-studying myself at the beach. I found many animals and other organisms I had only seen in Discovery Channel, it was awesome for me to actually look at hermit crabs and sand dollars with my own eyes.
Today I followed my dad to the office, as we had to prepare for this new shop that he was opening at the Buona Vista MRT station. There we unpacked boxes of soap products, and my dad handed me a piece of cloth and a bottle of spirit and told me to wipe off the ink-printed expiry dates underneath the packaging, as they was all at least one year past the printed date (he explained that all European products, not matter how long it takes for them to expire, require a printed expiry of one year after the production date, so it was okay to still distribute these products).
Ah, that was it for today. If you hadn’t noticed, my Internet activity, or computer activity for that matter, has been decreasing lately, mainly ue to the fact that I have to share the comp with my siblings. Oh, well. See how I cope with it.

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