(Seriously, am I the only one in my class who actually updates his blog as frequently as possible, even to the point it is day-by-day? I’ve been going around visiting my rest of the classmates blogs, and all they have are Mr. Jae’s English assignments. How boring!)
A lot of things happened yesterday.
And I didn’t have the time to tell all of it to you all.
And now I’ve forgotten everything.
Pathetic. Simply pathetic.
Downloaded some rocking DoA 4 videos from gametrailers.com. Not gonna put them here, your IE would die trying to load it up.
Today’s happenings…
Put up a notice on the NCC notice board early this morning, requesting to meet the Sec 2s and 3s so I could finish up a nominal roll for my Lieutenant. I wasn’t sure if my handwriting was legible enough, though. It seemed pretty readable to me.
Today was Thursday, and there was supposed to be an activity in the hall, but all that was cancelled and everybody assembled in the Parade Square instead, due to a nation-wide tragedy.
No, it’s not terrorist bombings or whatever. A former member of the Singaporean Parliament, Mr. S Rajaratnam, had passed away yesterday afternoon. I remember sitting at home last night in front of the TV, watching the news and other Parliament members speaking their thoughts about him. He was an important figure in Singaporean history, as the man who wrote our National Pledge and introduced Singapore to the world. he built a Foreign Ministry from scratch, built close relationships with other countries, and brought a lot of fortune and attention to our nation.
It seems that nobody in this world would really understand exactly how much a man or woman had done and contributed in his or her life, until that person has deceased. I never realised just how much he meant to us Singaporean citizens, how important and valuable he was to us, or even if he was still alive or not. At that period, the only times I’ve ever seen that man is in my History books. S Rajaratnam, pioneer of modern Singapore. God bless him.
Anyway, back to reality. The school and National flags were flown at half-mast, as a show of respect and mourning for our former Foreign Minister, everyone was unusually eager to take the Pledge today, and we left the Parade Square with a message from our Principal, reminding us to be solemn and serious about this matter throughout the schooling day. I ask you, must we really? I mean, I know Mr. Rajaratnam’s important and all, I’ve paid my respects to him, can’t you let me concentrate in my studies now?
A. Maths took up the first three periods. We went on to a new chapter: Indices and Turds Surds (oops!). I had to apply what I had learnt in Indices (E. Maths chapter) in this topic, which was a thad bit challenging, but nonetheless fun. I had a good time racking my brains to solve those exercise questions. I enjoy it when I get the right answers all by myself. It sorta gives me something to be proud of.
Physics for one period was next, Nasal Neo turned up with a worksheet on Thermal Capacity for us to do. The worksheet involved heat capacity and specific heat capacity formulas, not to mention even more Math figures and stuff, and that was the best part of today’s lesson. I completed the paper and handed it up way before my fellow classmates. Yep, never before have I been this enthusiastic about Physics.
After that was Chemistry to take us all the way till recess (which was 1 hour). There, we had more Math-related activities.
We were doing Chemical equations. It involved adding numbers in front of Chemical symbols so that both sides of the equal sign have the same amount of elemental atoms. I had a blast solving the questions. They were simply so fun to do.
After recess was English for three periods. Mr. Jae took us to the comp lab to discuss about our Entrepreneurship project proposals. One person from each group had to give a brief speech about his or her group’s ideas and plans. Our group was going to smoothies on a CCA day. Others wanted to sell finger food, still others planned on marketing ice cream, and one group had even wanted to make crepes (slurp!). Very nice. After that, he spent the rest of the time with us planning for our next essay assignment. The topic was supposed to be a botu a friend who had made a huge difference in my life.
Now, I have no such friends like that, so I decided to write a fiction story in the first-person. Lessee… That “friend” is going to be someone by the name of Ruth, she’s supposed to “make the difference” in my Primary 6 year, and that difference was going to be about… Argh, why am I telling you this?!
Chinese was next. The class went downstairs from comp lab 4, which was one the fourth floor, all the way to our classroom, which was at the first floor, right at the edge of the school compound. From there, our Chinese teacher, Wang Lau Shi, told us that she wanted to show us her blog (done in Chinese) and that we were supposed to leave a comment (in Chinese) there. And all this had to be done in… Where else, but comp lab 4. So we walked right back up, to the comp lab that were in just a few minutes before. There, I went to her blog, read my fellows friend’s comments about it (which was in Chinese), and decided to write one myself. Just as I was about to do so, the comp I was using lost Internet connection. Fack.
We were supposed to end the school day wtih yet another A. Math period, but as Mrs. Tan was busy, Mrs. Low came in to take over. We continued with Chemical equations all the way to the end-of-school bell.
Bio was after classes, at 3PM. Mrs. K hadn’t finished marking our Bio test papers yet, so our suspense had to continue over the weekend. We spent the 1 and a half hours in the air-conditioned classroom studying enzymes and how temperature affects its activity. Nothing short of interesting. The lesson was absolutely fantastic, though we didn’t get any candy.
Today was wonderful, and I hope for more schooldays like this to come. Dewa Mata!

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