Cosplay. Nice game. I want a Darth Vader suit. I dig chicks in FFX2 costumes. Also, it’s kinda Wapanese Weeaboo (slang term used primarily on some Internet message boards to describe a Caucasian person who either wishes s/he were of Japanese descent and/or who has a heavy interest in Japan or Japanese culture), too.
I love Rikku more than any other video game character in the world. I think about her everyday.
Kasumi from DoA is second. Same as above, except it only happened last time.
I sure sound like a pervert, don’t I? Going for girls in skimpy outfits and hot bodies…
But, forget that. I’ve here to blog.
Tuesday. Woke up at around 6:30AM, thanks to my bro for not waking me up earlier. Conscience was telling me… Nothing. He’s dead and locked up in my bowels. I shot him. Somehow, I still managed to get prepared within 15 minutes, I even got to school earlier than usual.
Watched the news at the hall (auditorium), just like every other Tuesday. Topics (that are the best of my memory) were about: How the government would deal with people skipping National Service, and Japanese Kimono makers getting Japanese women young and old to put on the Kimono once again, using modern methods and strategies.
Social Studies took first two periods. Newty made us do an easy mind-map about Singapore and Malaya’s Merger. For once, I didn’t feel apprehensive, or bored at all. But I didn’t have fun, all the same. For some reason, the Newt had called for Ranson and Faez to meet her after school. I have a feeling it was about the test.
Physics was next, did something about thermocouples and stuff with the Nasal Neo.
PE after that, Badminton again, and Fad wasn’t in my team. I was on a court of different players this time. Had lots of fun with them.
Chinese came after recess again, this time we had spelling. And I sucked at it.
English next. Mr. Jae wasn’t there, so some Jack Black look-and-sound-alike took over. He brought us to the library as we had to complete a certain proposal for a certain project, about entrepreneurship and selling stuff in school. Me and my group worked together pretty well. We had a lot of brainstorming, came up with a few good ideas, and completed the proposal, all within the designated time. And yes, still no EMI, and all the journals were still with Mr. Jae.
E. Math session was after that, we had our TA (term assessment) test. Went pretty smoothy, initially I had a lot of problems, but I solved them all later on as I progressed.
Chemistry was last in line. Went through our Chem workbook. I never realised that the Oxygen ‘O’ symbol always had to be last letter.
After school I had NCC. Did a lot of PT, also did some commanding of my marching platoon. Not gonna specify, only cos I don’t have time. In a nutshell, today’s training rocked.
Okay, that’s today for you, I gotta rush off. Bye bye!

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