I dreamt about Rikku last night.
Wait a minute. No, I didn’t. Damn.
Anyway, woke up to another early Monday morning, earlier than the Sun, as usual, and suddenly got hit by something with a force as massive as a sledgehammer blow.
It was my conscience, screaming a good-morning greeting to me.
Thanks, my motherloving conscience. Thanks so much.
With that, I packed my bag, had breakfast (an egg sandwich, with a whole sunny-side-up egg inside), bade a mental goodbye to Rikku, would would be waiting for me here in this very blog till I come back home, and left for school feeling like crap.
Physics first up with Ms. Humongous-nostrils, once again. Forgot what she was talking about, though. Something to do with a thermal capacity worksheet which I forgot to bring. The start of my bad day.
A. Math next. Continued with… I don’t know. E and A Math seem so similar the more I try to differenciate both of them. I had thought we were doing Inequalities for Advanced, but I also remembered doing that topic for Elementary. Then again, maybe it was simultaneous equations.
Geography next, Mrs. Ramos didn’t come wasn’t around (I think you should know why I censored those seemingly harmless words), and that meant one free period for us. Wewt. Spent my time on a power-nap.
English next, poor Hao forgot all about his EMI thing (for those who don’t know and weren’t paying attention, EMI in this case means ‘encouraging, motivational, inspiring’), so he didn’t come up to give his motivational talk to the class. Come to think of it, my turn is fast approaching, and I haven’t even prepared a single word for my script. Better do that soon, or I’ll be left scraping crappy stuff of the top of my dome during my speech.
Chinese was after recess. We got our newpaper review thing back from the teacher. I fared okay enough, it wasn’t a fail as I expected.
Social Studies next, with the Newt-4-a-teacher, Rossana. I hadn’t done my weekend assignment, I didn’t have my folder with me, the Newt was all frog-smiles and taking pleasure in bullying our poor class chairperson –cum slash (yes, I have a very good reason for striking out that word too)- Social Studies representative, Ranson. Good thing all that only lasted 1 period.
E. Math took up the last 3 sessions. Did Inequalities, as mentioned earlier. Had a lot of problems doing number lines and all that crap, got many wrong answers, and that made me feel somewhat down.
School ended, but there was still Bio to go. Bio Term Assessment, to be exact.
Now now, don’t worry, I wasn’t worried about it. Spent half of my free time in between end of school and before Bio class eating lunch, spent another 1 quarter of it doing some last-minute cramming, and the last quarter talking with Shaun about FFX2.
Went to class and felt to tense atmosphere in it immediately; everybody was there, fervently revising, discussing with friends, Tiff and JX were even writing on the whiteboard, facts and figures that they could remember from their textbooks and worksheets. I helped correct some of their work, went around talking to others about stuff that might appear in the paper, trying to be as oblivious as I could to the suspense clinging all round me.
Mrs. K came (why do words like these have to be associated with sex? Why?!) arrived, was even more surprised at how her ‘zaniest’ class was reacting to the test, and got us all to calm down by giving us an EMI speech of her own. How thoughtful. I went through the test paper rather confidently, with not a single worry.
Test ended, went home, did blog.
Dewa Mata.

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