Today was somewhat normal. How’d you find my ‘Song’ assignment, by the way?
Thursday, woke up thirty minutes past 6, went to school still half asleep.
We gathered at the hall for Councillor activity time, or whatever you may want to call spending morning assembly trying to appreciate what our student councillors have done for us. Watched a supposedly motivational Powerpoint slideshow. I liked the pictures.
Chemistry for two hours, as with all other Thursdays that have passed and Thursdays within Semester 1 that still have yet to arrive, kick-started to schooling day. Did stuff about electronic structures and atomic grouping in the periodic table. I tried as hard as I could to soak it all in.
Physics for one period, next. I don’t understand, why we have to be in the class with that woman-teacher four days a (five-day) week. She puts people off with her style of teaching, she puts people to sleep with that nasal voice, and it puts my Phy grades at the verge of failing miserably. Dang.
Good news was, she wasn’t around today. Woot. Spent a whole period doing nothing.
After reces was English. Headed for the comp lab once again to blog. That was when I did the ‘Song’ post. After that, we were supposed to review each other’s posts on their tagboards, which would explain my friend’s posts on the Troll-board.
Chinese next, did a newspaper-review sort of composition. I actually did better than expected, though usually that results in suckage grades that are lower than my expectations. Only time will tell.
A. Math next, continued with simultaneous equations with remainder and factor theorem. It just gets more and more fun as we move along. Very enjoyable and challenging Math it is, indeed.
I was supposed to have Bio afterwards. Realising that I have so foolishly forgotten this fact, and that I have signed up to help collect the NCC uniforms for the new cadets today, I immediately went… Back home, for lunch and some homework. Came back to school, Mr. Sin let me off and told me I needn’t go for the thing, and hurried off for Bio.
Today was all about enzymes. Tons of new stuff I learnt today, and I even did a pictorial graph to remember all of it. During a five-minute break, I took the opportunity to hone my public-speaking skills, with the excuse of ‘explaining with came first, the egg or the chicken’. I thought I did well enough, though the topic seemed a bit ‘lamified’ by my explanations. Never mind.
Finished Bio class to find that a jamming session with Raihan, a good friend of mine, had started on the canteen stage. I jumped at the chance to join in, and learned how to play Bass for the very first time. I got to rock on with him as we played Sum 41’s ‘Hell Song’. Total coolness.
Went back home, life reverted to normalcy once again. What a day.
Tsukaremashita. Oyasuminasai.

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