Song. School asignment. Let’s get cracking, baby.
Song. Four-letter word. Mr. Ong, minus the ‘Mr.’ and added with ‘S’. Can make ‘son’, ‘sog’, and ‘snog’.
Song. Music. Pleasure. Peace. Sanctuary. Bands. Supergroups. Solos. Orchestras. Instruments. Crew. Studios. CD. MP3. Radio.
Just a few words that are associated with this noun. Despite its rather insignificant existence in the real world, where money’s our first priority, it could still strike such a massive chord to the brain, showering it with its charm, massaging its every crevass and trench, rendering it to a state of collection and tranquility. Whether it’s heavy metal banging at our eardrums, the gentle soothing voices of recognised vocalists, or the sweet svelte singing of violin strings, songs let us forget where we are, what we are racing for in life, and allows us to stop, rest, and enjoy.
Song has been in this world longer than anybody could have known. Some estimate it to be born at around 2000 B.C, more than 4000 annals ago. Others guessed it to be earlier than that, and that stonemen used to gather in cave campfires at night, beating animal bones on stone or wooden drums, if not against trees and other physical landforms. whatever it is, Song has definitely been serving us well since that time.
Song has spawned a humongous and successful worldwide business. Record labels, famous singers, arrogant managers, relentless paparazzi, prestigious awards, and even idolization, all these make up the music industry.
Song is like water. Song is like food. Song is essential for life. Without Song to cheer us up and liven our times, we are tense, short-tempered, easily angered, downcast, withdrawn, and dissatisfied with ourselves. We feel huge, gaping holes in our lives, as though something deep inside ourselves is missing something, and is crying out pitifully for it.
Song is praise. We praise the Lord our Father, our Maker, with joyous music. Through Song, we communicate and show appreciation. Sometimes, even God needs a little bit of music once in a while to relieve his mind and soul after a hard day’s work of life-granting or life-saving. At least, that’s what I think.
Songs convey thoughts. People write music to express ideas, feelings and emotions. They write songs that are sad, uplifting, motivational, cheery, or have tons of swearwords in them, depending on how they feel. Take Eminem as an example. Being a proud owner of his newest album, Curtain Call, I have heard all kinds of music, some that are hilarious and cracks jokes about events or stuff people do in real life, some really moody and defines how he feels about his career or family( especially his daughter), while others were simply for the Emo dudes in this world, those who have additive needs to listen to sad songs with heaps of curses and bad words. In a nutshell, Eminem serves everybody who listens, including himself.
Song. School assignment. Completed. Caused a sigh of relief.
Tsukaremashita. Dewa Mata.

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