I know, I know, it’s been a long time since I last updated.
I’ve just been busy, that’s all.
Also, I’ve stopped referring to Shaun’s blog for daily happenings. All he posts there are stuff about his love life and all that shit. That’s right, I am an independant man.
BTW, how’d you guys like the new David Elsewhere video I put up? Kinda cool, eh?
Okay, let’s get on with my life blog before I go off to finish the remnamts of my Chemistry and E. Maths homework, shall we?
Yesterday was an okay Monday. I managed to get by Ms. Neo’s class, but succumbed to sleep during Mr. Jae’s. Pathetic old me.
Okay, now let’s talk about about what happened last night. I went to the nearby community centre to meet up with my fellow NCC friends for a meeting of some sort. Being the seniors and all, we were supposed to plan for the camp that was coming up during the March hols. I won’t be in that, though, being an Ophir participant. We planned activities that were gonna be organised in the school compound, and also came up with group names. We tried to be as wacky as possible, and came up with lots of funny words for the names. When that was done, I rushed to the bookshop to grab a Chemistry workbook, which I had been missing for more than two months now, and some Valentine’s chocolate from a convenience store. 1 box of 16 chocs, for only $4.05. I’m such a cheapo. At home, I finished up the nominal roll that I was supposed to hand in to my NCC lieutenant, then surfed around till about 12AM or so, before finally hitting the sack.
Today, woke up pretty late, though it was time enough for me to grab a proper breakfast before setting off. Got to school in time, went to the hall to see the ‘News in Class’ thing, then proceeded with lessons, starting with Social Studies. Ross gave us an SBQ (source-based question) test about Singapore and Malaysia’s Merger in the 1960s. It was the test of the term, the Term Assessment. Being an ace in this thing last year, I breezed through the test.
Physics was next. Ms. Neo went through the Physics Test Assessment with us. I did not so good for it, actually. It must’ve been because of all the times I’ve missed out on lessons because I didn’t have a textbook or workbook. Or maybe because I didn’t put in any serious effort into revising for it. I don’t know.
PE was next. Badminton again. Boring.
Recess time, gave the Valentine’s chocolates to Stacey, Amanda, Samantha, Grace, and some other girls whom I had forgotten (by right, the girls should be giving chocolates to the guys during this day). How the hell could I forget who I give free stuff to?
Chinese next, we marked our workbooks.
English, went to the comp lab to take the English TA. Mr. Jae was giving out candy to the class, and he even allowed us to eat them whilst doing the paper. Sweet.
E. Maths, started on a new topic, Inequalities. Looked really easy to me.
Chem took up the last period of the day. Majority of the class had forgotten all about the weekend homework, me included, which was quite a shame. We spent the rest of the time copying answers from the whiteboard.
School ended. I rejoiced. But not for long. I had to complete the nominal roll that I had been working on last night before NCC started. I got it done good, and was only a few minutes late for my CCA.
We spent the first half of the time marching around the parade square, then after that we had light PT (physical training). Nothing interesting to note, just another boring session. Went back home feeling tired, yet unsatisfied.
Man, I should start learning to post only when something interesting happens in school. Too many boring posts would mean lesser eaders, and nobody wants that.

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