Konbanwa! Jiyuji yonjiyuppun gogo des!
What do you think? I can learn Japanese! I just said, “Good evening, it’s 10:40 PM!”
Still have much to learn though. But anyways…
Yeah, I noticed my blog takes quite a while to load. I think it’s the Spiked Humor vid that’s the prob.
I dunno. I haven’t received any complaints yet, so I’m not gonna do anything about it (yet). So there.
I think I’m getting a little too dependant on Shaun’s blog. I can even memorise his URL by heart now. Ugh.
Wait a minute…
What am I gonna do now?
I’m gonna be independant. Yeah, that’s right.
(P.S. From now on, names with be converted into acronyms to protect people’s identities. I shall do this only as and when I want to, it does not depend on who the person is.)

Okay, today’s happenings…
Workout day for the Upper Sec again. Did some stretching exercises, plus a really fun Jumping-Jacks thing. You should’ve seen me dance, man.
Went to class for Chemistry, realised I had completely forgotten about yesterday’s instructions for today’s lesson. I was supposed the grab any item at home that has chemical names in its ingredients, bring it to school, and use it for a presentation. Solution? Got to the canteen (cafeteria) to buy some packeted food. Easy.
Ended up teaming with some class misfitz like me. Can’t really agree on stuff we wanted to do for the presentation though, especially LDL. Crammed together a piece of sloppy work at the last moment, for me to present to the class later on.
Physics next. Didn’t have my Phy workbook, got reprimanded by Ms. Neo. Copied answers on a piece of foolscap, the least I could do.
Recess time, Ah Hao sent me off to get him another plate of Fan Choy. Bought a brand new Phy workbook on the way. Wewt.
After recess was A. Maths, did some Maths work there, forgot what it was all about.
English next. Jae was there to brief us about some English test set by the MOE (Ministry of Education) that was going to happen later on. Then we proceeded with an EMI thing (encouraging, motivational, inspiring, a turn-by-turn session in which a student would come up and give a motivaional talk to the class for a few minutes, more details later) till the end of the lesson.
After that, the class moved on to the hall to listen (and fall asleep listening) to a recycling talk given by one of 3E3’s very own KSW. It was boring, nearly the whole hall wasn’t paying attention (even I had a desperate need to get up on stage and strangle the guy). Also, me and LXL received our Green Ambassador collar pins. Nothing grand in particular, in fact it was quite puny.
Went back to class for the test, it was kinda easy, coming from the MOE. Finished it with a lot of time to spare, and left earlier than expected.
That’s it, another normal school day gone in a flash. I don’t think I did very well explaining it, though.
Tsukaremashita. Dewa Mata.

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