Yet another schoolwork entry. Yeah baby, let’s get this thing started.
Graciousness. Comes from the word ‘Grace’. And grace happens to be someone who sits beside me in class. She’s a really nice person. That lives up to her name.
of course, “nice” is too overrated a word to use t describe her, or the word “Gracious”, cos graciousness goes way deeper than that.
Anyway, that particular word has letters that can be used to form words like “car”, “sour”, “rag”, “rug”, “sugar” and “sari”. Damn, I’m getting way too good at this letter scrambling thing. I’m an English prodigy at heart.
According to a dictionary, “Gracious”, as an adjective, means:

Characterized by kindness and warm courtesy.
Characterized by tact and propriety: responded to the insult with gracious humor.
Of a merciful or compassionate nature.
Condescendingly courteous; indulgent.
Characterized by charm or beauty; graceful.
Characterized by elegance and good taste: gracious living.
Archaic. Enjoying favor or grace; acceptable or pleasing.

Yeah, you’d probably need another dictionary if you wanna understand these words too.
As an interjection, however, it is used to express surprise or mild emotion. Now, I didn’t know this before, only because I’ve never used that word as an interjection. Usually I’d say “Oh my Gah!” or “What tha…?”, but that’s not the point.
“Gracious” is a Middle English word, from Old French gracieus, from Latin grātiōsus, from grātia, good will. I think it might also have something to do with the Mexican(?) word for thanks, gracias.
Graciousness is second nature for a host, be it a house party, school function or whatever. They have to be warm and inviting, and thus make their guests feel more comfortable and hospitable in their homes. I know this, cos I’ve quite come to terms with my The Sims: House Party computer game.
Graciousness can be used to avert undesirable situations too. Whe dealing with an insult, or as a third person in an argument, gracious humour is usually (I said ‘usually’, cos I’m not too sure if this is actually true!) the best method of escape. I haven’t tried it yet, though I know I will have to sooner or later, if I wanna remove the trolls from my tag-board. Somebody remind me.
Being gracious means being forgiving and spirit-generous. A gracious person would know how to deal with frustrating situations of dealing with guilty culprits of cerytain bad deeds, without hitting the roof. I am an example of such, though not always a very good one (heh. it always pays to blow your own horn a bit, too).
Examples of gracious people?
Um… There’s Oprah Winfrey. She’s a very graceful person for her personality, her abilty as a friendly and wisecracking talk show host, and someone with a mind for good style.
Goodness Gracious Me! is an Indian/Brit-based sketch show on Star World. Is usually features skits ofthe conflict and integration between traditional Indian culture and modern British life. Some of them reverse the roles to view the British from an Indian perspective while others poke fun at Indian stereotypes. It features funny actors and actresses like Sanjeev Bhaskar (also from ‘The Kumars at No. 42), Kulvinder Ghir, Meera Syal and Nina Wadia.
Aha! You wanna know translations for the word too! I can give you that!

Nederlands (Dutch)verfijnd, goedgunstig, genadig, Goeie genade!
Français (French) affable, gracieux, miséricordieux
Deutsch (German) adj. – liebenswürdig, gnädigint. – du meine liebe Güte!
Ελληνική (Greek) adj. καλοκάγαθος, ευγενικός, ευχάριστος, αρχοντικός
Italiano (Italian) grazioso
Português (Portuguese) adj. – gracioso, benévolo, condescendente, clemente
Русский (Russian) милостивый, любезный, изобильный
Español (Spanish) adj. – gracioso, cortés, amable, afable, agradable, clementeint. – Dios mío!
Svenska (Swedish) adj. – älskvärd, barmhärtig (om Gud)
中国话 (Simplified Chinese) adj. – 亲切的, 高尚的int. – 哎呀, 天哪
中國話 (Traditional Chinese) adj. – 親切的, 高尚的int. – 哎呀, 天哪
日本語 (Japanese) adj. – 思いやりのある, 愛想のよい, 恵み深い, 優雅な
العربيه (Arabic) ‏(صفه) لطيف, كريم, مهذب, لبق‏
עברית (Hebrew)‬ adj. – ‮אדיב, רחום, נעים, גומל טוב, חינני‬int. – ‮הבעת הפתעה‬
Pretty good eh?

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