Yet another schoolwork entry. Yeah baby, let’s get this thing started.
Graciousness. Comes from the word ‘Grace’. And grace happens to be someone who sits beside me in class. She’s a really nice person. That lives up to her name.
of course, “nice” is too overrated, graciousness goes way deeper than that.
According to a dictionary, “Gracious”, as an adjective, means:

Characterized by kindness and warm courtesy.
Characterized by tact and propriety: responded to the insult with gracious humor.
Of a merciful or compassionate nature.
Condescendingly courteous; indulgent.
Characterized by charm or beauty; graceful.
Characterized by elegance and good taste: gracious living.
Archaic. Enjoying favor or grace; acceptable or pleasing.

Yeah, you’d probably need another dictionary if you wanna understand these words too.
As an interjection, however, it is

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