Some people just don’t know how to listen to instructions.
Xavier, you seem to be very troubled yourself. People won’t insult and mock others unless they seriously have to.
If you live to put other people down, you don’t deserve to live. I hope you get struck by an 18-wheeler, or lightning, or anything else heavy and painful, and that you’d die.
If you simply have a complex, I suggest you see a shrink or something. You need more help than me. I’m really sorry for your loss.
This is not a good place for you, man. I feel so cursed to have you here. Cursed, I tell you. I’m prolly gonna relocate my blog real soon.

Wednesday’s happenings…
Workout day for the Upper Sec again. We didn’t need to stnd up at all; we were doing arm exercises, mostly around the shoulders and deltoids.
It was good fun. Most others around me didn’t do it, though. I can understand; it was rather strenous on the muscles. I’m just glad I managed to keep my arms up the whole time, no matter how tired they were.
After that was Chemistry for two full hours.
And Mrs. Low didn’t come.
Wewt. I spent the free time completing the rest of my E. Maths homework, which was rather fun, and then I chatted with my friends.
Physics: I still don’t have my books yet. I’m going to get them soon, I’m seriously lagging behind. Wonder how much I’m gonna have to copy off someone else’s book. Anyway, today’s lesson was all about radiation. Ms. Neo had brought a cute lil’ ball in, to demonstrate the different movements of conduction, convection and radiation. Farah had fun holding it. She and N.DIY were laughing all the way.
After recess, we had A. Maths for one period. Mrs. Tan went through the A. Maths homework with us. I did fine, all correct. Wewt again.
Next was English, for one period. Mr. Jae decided to launch something about each of us taking turns, coming up to the front to present a motivational and encouraging talk. Sounds like fun. I can’t wait.
We were supposed to draw lots to decide our turn sequence. I was No. 21 out of 38. Not the best I expected, but good enough.
For LS, Mrs. K assigned us to our ‘Guardian Angel’ at last. Whoever’s gonna take care of me, Godspeed to you.
Ater that was Pastoral Care period. Our class went up to an air-conditioned room to listen to a talk by the YMCA regarding the oncoming entrepreneurship project. Sounds very promising, the winners get about few thouseand dollars prize money, as well as bragging rights. Cool.
That’s it for today, till later.

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