First of all, I would like to say this to Xavier.
I don’t know you from now, so fuck off, cunt.
My blog is not a place where people get insulted.
Get off my yard.

I’m really sorry I’m late for my updates, I’ve been extraordinarily busy these few days. I hope you don’t mind.
Yesterday, I had a dental appointment at 12, and that meant I could leave school early. I sat through the first six periods before recess. It was pretty much a normal schooling day.
I sorta gotta be thankful that the first two periods of the week is Physics, by Ms. Neo. The blues had got me there, so I nearly slept it all off during that period without any disturbances. By the next period I was feeling more recharged. Wewt.
A. Maths: We went through Friday’s test paper. I got full marks. Wewt again.
English: Mr. Jae lectured us about class welfare. In a nutshell, he told us that it was not good to put other people, including yourself, down with bad words and the like. He wanted us to achieve excellence not as an individual, but as a class.
During recess, I caught up with him in the staff room, and presented him my dental letter. He granted me permission to leave, wished me good, and saw me out of the staffroom.
Dental appointment: Dad drove me to the NDC. I slept throughout the journey (lazy me). I was supposed to get my braces that day. After waiting for a rather long time for my number to be called, I went into the dental room, let the dentist inspect my teeth, listened to her confirm that my teeth were very straight and I had an appeasing profile, and that I did not need braces for the moment.
Phew. I never really liked the feeling of metal screwed onto my teeth.

Let’s see, today’s happenings…
We started off watching a Channel Newasia clip in the hall. That segment was called ‘Nesa in Class’, probably meant purely for Secondary and JC schools’ perusals. I dunno.
Sheryl Fox was talking about this rather touchy subject, about toilet stuff. St. Hilda’s Secondary, a school nearby ours, was doing some sort of campaign to raise awwareness about toilet hygeine and the like. They were selling ‘Pee and Poo’ stuff like badges and stationery in booths, and were even planning to market the goods in shopping centres.
Uh, I only hope people would bother to buy them. Yeah. Making business around the toilet won’t exactly sell much in my books.
Two other topics were mentioned: Gene Pool research in India, and horse-riding women in Iran. Quite entertaining and informative.
I couldn’t really remember what lesson came next, and I don’t have access to Shaun’s blog this time (which is quite strange, really), so I’ll just cut to the part where I tell you about what happened during PE.
We had Badminton again today. Mr. Koh had kept on telling us about training in pairs. He wanted consistency, for the training to be good. Consistency meant we had to learn to take control of our swing and direction. I can do that really well, no problems.
I was worn. There was still a problem to contend with. What problem, I hear you wonder?
I was paired up with Fadhil. Again. The court was away from the window this time, and that was good. Fadhil kept on hitting the shuttlecock out of court, sometimes into other people’s ways. It was quite tiring having to run around picking up the shuttlecock for him. Shaun ahd later commented, with the air of Mr. Koh teaching us about consistency, that “I had a very inconsistent partner”.
Damn straight, friend.
After recess (where I spent time in the canteen trying out some new Japanese food from my favourite stall, and when Alvin presented my with a belated birthday present) (the present was a bookmark. Cheap, but thoughtful. I’m very grateful for your care, Alvin. thanks), we came back for our Chinese period, to see that part of the cellophane paper covering the front lamps were taken down. I suppose the class was looking a bit too much like Geylang. Anyways, our teacher, Wang Lau Shi (as we address her, it simply means ‘Teacher Wang’ in Chinese), made us recite paragraphs from a passage in our textbooks. Now, I was never really good at vocal Chinese, let alone readin aloud in Chinese, so I sorta blended in with the rest of the class while reciting. Strangely enough, Wang Lau Shi mentioned later on that I was one of the louder voices in the class.
Mr. Jae showed us the ‘News in Class’ vids again at the AVA room. He then later gave us some discussive questions to talk about, and some other questions that were related to said videos. Well, I had tons of things to say about them. It felt nice.
Today was another test day, this time for E. Maths. The questions were all about quadratic algebraic equations. Pretty simple to me, I’m expecting another full-mark grade.
The last one period went to Chemistry. No lessons conducted, we just did filing. I had everything in nice and proper, which was good. I felt rather grand about it, only because it had been a long time since I ever got all the needed worksheets and notes in a file. A damn long time.
That’s it for now friends, I just wanna leave you guys with one more thing: Never lewt others talk you down. Don’t feel bad about what they say. It is most likely false, and you have no reason whatsoever to take something that is not true seriously.
Remember that. Sayonara for now.

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