Today: Friday.
My problem: The Spiked Humor video and the background music of my blog.
Remedy: When you click upon ‘Me’ and see the video playing, stop it. It’ll ust be an interference.
The promise: I’ll get it fixed soon.
The apology: That’s right, I apologize for any inconveniece caused.

School was alright. I came to school slightly earlier today, and used the extra time in the canteen completing some A. Math homework that was due Monday.
Everything started off in class with the pricipal, Mrs. oh, coming into our class for an inspection. She stayed on during the National Anthem and Pledge, too. That meant we had to sing the Anthem and say the pladge OUT LOUD.
Not that I had any problems with that, though. it’s just that I had’nt been doing that for a very long time.
After that, we spent the first period with Mr. Jae decorating our class. Yan Hao clambered atop a chair and four tables, ready to stick the first strip of red cellophane paper onto the ceiling light. I supplied him with the scotch tape. Meanwhile, everybody else busied themselves with the noticeboard at the back of the class, or with the roses that Gladys had bought (at a cheaper price) from some other florist. As it turned out, I didn’t bother showing my face to the place I had ordered the flowers from earlier yesterday.
When that period ended, we proceeded with lessons as usual, starting with A. Maths, two periods. That was used for the A. Maths test on Set Language and Notation, including Venn Diagrams. I fared pretty well, having already come to terms with them Venn diagram Circles, Universal Sets and the rest of the lot.
During English period with Mr. Jae again, we continued with the decorating of the class. This time, I located myself at the back of the class, on top of a chair and table, with Xue Lian supporting me, while I cellophane-papered the ceiling lamps there. Now, I am deathly afraid of heights, but I managed to complete my part of the job without much hassle, unless you count how peskily my hands were quavering as I pasted the scotch tape over the cellophane, sealing it in place. We dicided later on to leave the lights in the middle of the room paper-less, just for the benefit of luminousness. The cellophane paper only went to the front and back lights, which cast a lovely hue against the wall.
After recess was three more periods of E. Math, before the bell rings to let us off. We covered a new topic :Laws of Indices. it was quite tricky at first, and it just got harder as we moved on. Still, I managed to cope. And cope with it I did very well.
After school, as the NB of my class, I rushed back home to collect a handful of plastic bags to collect plastic bottles with Xue Lian, the awesome China Man.
The tactic I introduced was quite unique, and at the same time onorthodox. I got that idea from Sec. 1, when I was vice-chairperson and environmental officer of my class.
Both of us didn’t just confine ourselves to our class, oh no; we went around the whole school, going into classes and collecting ‘ripe old’ bottles for our bags, as though we were picking oranges from an orchard.
I came back to class, exhausted, nearly fifteen minutes later, only to be confronted by a very miffed Gladys. It seemed like I had take her bottle in the process, and she needed it for her CCA later on. No big deal I could always get a new one.
But what did I do? I said the wrong thing, and got her even more mad. I’m not giving details, only cos I just wanna forget about it.
Anyway, you should’ve seen me bolt out of the class. I went to buy another new bottle of water from the canten, but when I got back to class I realised she had gone.
What else could I do? On further behest of my friends present there, I stuck an apology letter to the bottle of water with tape, and wrote an extra-big message on the whiteboard.
Gladys, I’m really sorry.

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