Whew! I haven’t really updated here in a while, sorry ’bout that. These past few days have been very busy.
Okay, today’s happenings. I had already pre-ordered roses from the nearby florist’s to decorate the class. Just today, Gladys was telling me I needn’t buy them anymore, as Grace (a friend who sits beside me in class) knows of another place where she could get them for a cheaper price. Now, I was supposed to pick up the flowers by tomorrow. Right now, I’m not sure if I wanna cancel the order, or pay the amount from my pocket and wait till Valentine’s (which is most definitely not gonna happen, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s), or simply not show my face at all.
The upper Secondary peeps were in the hall today for a light weekly workout. Mr. jae was leading us for today’s session, and we all had fun shaking our hands and feet to the sounds of some Techno music (Though you should know I kinda hate Techno music).
Today had four periods of A. Maths. As a young boy, I had always enjoyed solving math problems. The best part of it all was checking your answers at the end to see if you had gotten them correct, without any help, which was quite fequent in my case.
We were doing Venn diagrams, going over them to prepare for the test tomorrow, after school. I have pretty much mastered the topic by now, so I’ve taken to helping my friends in need.
We had one period of Physics later on. Ms. Neo used that to go through the answers to the textbook questions done previously. I completed only questions 6 and 7 but not 8, so it was quite a relief for me that we ran out of time and had to leave going through question 8 for later lessons.
Chemistry was next. Like Physics, we went through our Chromatography worksheets together with Mrs. Low. I realised that my chromatogram which I produced during yesterday’s Chem Lab period was missing, so I had to hand up my worksheet together with it tomorrow.
After recess was three periods of English. It took us nearly one period to get settled in the comp lab, as Mr. Jae had other matters to attend to at that moment. He told us that we were going to do a diagnostic composition test to observe our command of English individually, or something to that extent. I rejoiced, and did the assignment with much eargerness, unlike most of the class, who seemed rather reluctant.
I did a passage about ambulance drivers at work. It was quite rushed, though, but I tried to do the best I can. I hope Mr. Jae notices the little bombastic words I added in here and there. I always aim to impress, that’s me.
Life skills was next. Mrs. K (as what she allows her pure bio studs to call her now) made us do a self-reflection, not before adding that Life Skills also contributes to our report card. As if I needed the extra work. The self-reflection seemed a thad too personal. I couldn’t decide on what to write down under “Who I admire Most” and “”My Ambitions”. Seriously, I do not plot out my life like that. I live it day by day.
Mrs. K added that she’s gonna assign “Guardian Angel” to each of us. We are going to be each other’s secret mentors, every now and then passing notes to them and telling them what’s right. Man, I sure hope my GA could be someone as good as Mr. Jae. No one ever equals him in niceness, though. he’s simply the best.
All I have to be concerned about is how I’m gonna guide my quarry… I mean my (however you would describe someone under your guidance) person. I really am not role model material. I say the wrong things every time. I have absolutely no confidence in myself right now.
Assembly took up the last two periods for today. Some teachers were explaining to us Upper Sec about a certain musical that was planning. They showed snippets of Singin’ in the Rain, Grease and some unknown Indian movie that featured women singing in excruciatingly (for those special few of you, I apologize for excessively using this word to describe pain) high-pitched voices. After that they presented our local Junyuan talents. Eunice from our class, and another friedn of mine from Sec. 4, Zul, came on stage with a violin apiece. They began playing a certain classical piece, one which I could not hear quite well from where I was sitting. Not until the (lax) PA boys added better mikes in front of them, which was when I said to myself, “Man, they’re great!”
Next was modern dance. Some Sec. 4 guys (I know them cos they’re in the NCC) came up and began breakdancing their hearts away. Breakdancing and Hip-hop is cool, but sometimes I think it’s too overrated. Indeed, their performance was.
After that was the choir! A number of them, including an alumni called Derrick (I’ve met him before in one of Mrs. K’s previous Bio classes in the Bio Lab. He came there as a ‘special guest star’, apparently, and Mrs. K was saying what a nice boy he was), came on stage, and began singing some weird number all about “Why do I fall in love?” and “Woo-wah, woo-wah, woo-wah”s. I swore I could’ve fallen asleep if I wasn’t careful. But I don’t blame the choir guys. A lot of good friends of mine are in the choir too. Shaun, Joshua, Amanda, and Loretta, just to name a few.
Yeah, I blame the (lax) PA boys. The mikes were freakin’ lousy.
P.S. This post was done 20th Jan 2006, only because I never got to complete it on Wednesday. I forgot almost everything, and I had to rely mostly on Shaun’s trusty and updated-daily blog. Thanks a lot, Shaun! You rock!

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