Happenings in school today:
Today was P.E. day. Came to school in two layers of clothing. Quite uncomfortable, to tell you the truth. I never liked wearing a shirt and shorts under my school polo and pants.
First two periods was social studies. Shaun had a box of chocolates from Mr. Jae, and he presented it to Ms. Ross when she came to class, as a token of apology (not as an early Valentine’s Day gift, Gid forbid). She declined it, and so Shaun took it back. The lesson then went on as normal, without any interruptions.
P.E was next, and the lesson was about badminton, and it was held in the school hall. We were supposed to practice the forehand overhead drive in pairs, and I had to pair up with a guy friend of mine. Turns out he isn’t as good in the game as I am. He can’t hit a high ball,a nd i’m always having to rush forward just to return a shot that he can’t hit. So much for consistency. We finished the lesson with me sweating like hell, while he smelt like a rose (because he didn’t really need to move around much, unless you count the time he hit the shuttlecock out of the window and we had to retreive it). Ugh.
Then there was English after recess. We had to go to the comp lab to do up a blog entry (Hence the quickie blog earlier).
E-Maths was next. Mrs. Tan came into the room, announcing that one certain joker had forgotten to hand an exercise book previously, as it turned out, that was me. Everybody groaned my name in disgust (I think). Ugh.
That was all I could remember, sorry for the late post. Certain people (eyes dart to my brother) have been hogging the damn machine past few nights.

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