This is a quicky blog for English class, so let’s get on with it.
Yesterday I went around visiting my friend’s blogs, and chatting with them over the tag-board. As it turns out, opening up to them does help a bit. They’re beginning to come to terms with me, too. Well, some of them at least.
Shaun’s blog has an FF theme too. FFX2, feturing Yuna and Cloud (?) (I’m not entirely sure, somebody correct me) in an embrace. It sorta seems very alike wit my theme, feat. Zidane and some other gal, lying in his arms.
I like Rikku. I prefer her to anybody else, even Lara Croft. If I can find a theme about her, even if it’s pink, yellow or snow-white (girly colors), I’d use it.
Rikku is hot. And I wish I had more time to blog all about her. I love that bikini.
And while I’m at it, lemme surprise you wit something random.
My best friend, all-knowing and incredibly intelligent. he knows everything in this wole wide shitty world, from hyperventilation to hyperconductivity, Anime to animals, Zelda to zebra.
Here’s something else random!
Bonus Stage, the best webtoon ever created. it’s humoruos, random and stupid, all at the same time. I highly recommend it.
Anyway, that’s it for now, bye!

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