Something to note…

Dear reader, having received feedback and advice from a friend of mine, I feel I have something very important you all should note while reading my blog.
It is done in Emo form.
Emo, meaning Gothic, Dark, pessimistic, and the like.
I write this way partly to improve writing skills, partly to tell a life story within the shadows, partly to entertain Emo readers, and mostly to make mountains out of molehills.
Gladys and Shaun, if you are reading this, let me just say, from the bottom of the very trenches of my lonesome beating heart, that no hard feelings are intended. You guys are supposed to be two of some of my greatest friends in my entire existence, only it hasn’t happened yet. If you, even if you are anybody else for that matter, think that my style of writing is not to your tastes, imform me immediately. I can change everything in a flourish, all while keeping my Final Fantasy theme (If you don’t know what I mean, see Shaun’s blog, using my link).
If you are someone who don’t know me that well, keep in mind that I’m not entirely dark, it’s just how I express myself online. I can be very friendly at times, and everybody around me, even my enemies, know it. If you really wanna see how my character is like, look at the Tag-board. I can curse and swear, but I seldom do that kind of thing in real life.
I really hope the whole world can come to terms one day. I really do. We would all live harmoniously, and there would be no sadness, no war. I am a dreamer.
Anway, today’s happenings.
The advice I received from that certain friend of mine has left me resolved. I started the week in school a (nearly) changed man. You see, I cherish valuable words, like how Ranson would cherish his bible (if you don’t know Ranson, visit his blog, using my link). I became quieter, less hostile. I tried to open up. I kept reminding to myself, “If you think the world has turned their backs to you, take a closer look. What might’ve really happened, was that you have turned your back to the world.” Or something to that extent, at least. I learned that from a certain chain mail I received in my mail.
Lesson learnt, children. Always check you chain mails.
Anyway, back to the topic. School went on pretty normal today. I noticed quite recently that not everyone seems to take a liking to our Physics teacher, Ms. Neo. She has a teaching style that is incredibly old, an involves a lot of textbook referral, worksheet completion, scolding and lecturing, so that much be the reson why.
If it were me, I’d give peace a chance. Everyone deserves a chance, no matter who they are. I believe Ms. Neo can be really nice to us, if all of us are nice to her.
Anyway, Physics were our first two periods of the day, and of the whole week. Today was pretty okay, but judging from the way we do, I don’t think it’s very healthy, starting the week on the wrong chord.
I can’t really say much else. Mr. Jae had announced during English today that he was going to be away this Wednesday for a meeting at Anglican High, so he won’t be able to help use decorate the class for CHinese New Year on that day. We decided to postpone it one day later.
Social Studies was the worst of all. Thank God it was the last peroid, and thank God again that we only see that Banshee, Ms. Ross (no wonder she’s still single), in class for one and a half hours a week.
Anyway, with what little time she had, she made life at that time as harsh as possible.
She started off nagging about us keeping textbooks in the class cupboard. We explained to he that Mr. Jae had allowed us to keep it there. She said that he was wrong. In a nasty tone of voice. How dare she, that Banshee!
Then she went on ranting about expectations and discipline about our class. I could not remember a single thing she said, so I’ve got nothing to write about that.
What I do have to write about was two very brave soldiers who stood up against “The Man”. “Le Mano”.
Shaun, that very same guy who was despised by me, suddenly earned my respect when he said, out loud, in the middle of her lecture, “Whatever!”
Of course, he was made to stand up throughout the rest of the peroid.
Then she continued, again. I nearly fell asleep, which was quite surprising cos I remember taking two cups of coffee this morning.
She began berating us about how bad us guys can be. That was when Kent, this small, uninteresting guy in my class who spends nearly half of his school life in the classroom sleeping, spoke.
“Throw backwards!”
It was in broken English (after all, it’s Kent we’re talking about), but everybody understood what he meant. We broke into laughter. Ms. Ross asked him to stand up, again. He did it without much of a bother.
Then she went on, again. After what seemed eternity (and eternity only lasted fifteen minutes), she stopped.
Then she gave us a pop quiz.
The whole class took it rather reluctantly, wishing this nightmare would end soon.
It did another ten minutes later. School ended.
That was it for now, quite rushed, missing tons of details, but I can’t help it. I don’t need to be detailed and perfect in my writing all the time, do I?

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