This post is all about the word ‘orange’, and I’m doing it as a class assignment in school, so take this as a chance to see my lighter side in this world of darkness.
Orange. O-R-A-N-G-E. So simple, yet so sophisticated.
The word ‘orange’ is a six-alphabet combination with letters that could spell out ‘range’, ‘rage’, ‘anger’, ‘organ’, ‘eon’, ‘gone’, ‘earn’, and so on.
It can be used to describe the citrus fruit which is round and possesses a colour of the same name. Variations of it include Mandarin oranges and kumquats.
Orange is also a warm, calming colour, one whic I would advise we use to paint the walls of some of our freezingly cold air-conditioned rooms. It is a brilliant, vibrant mixture of red and yellow, and is most commonly found on objects like beer in a clear glass, persimmons, oranges (needless to say), luminous fires, and basketballs. It comes in different hues, just like all other colours of the world.
Orange is a name used very commonly in the United States, mostly for county names. We have Orange Counties in California (remember the hit TV series, The OC? Well, it stands for Orange County, in CA), Massachusetts, New York (which has another county by the name of Orangeville), Ohio and Texas, to name a few. Orange is also used to name other areas in the world like new South Wales and Vancluse.
Orange is a very inviting colour when used in homes. My house is painted in yellow, which has a rather similar effect, though I know a little bit of red wouldn’t hurt.
Hey, the ‘Publish Post’ button is in orange too! So is the Blogger logo! It seems like Orange is one of the theme colours for this group of websites too.
This concludes my super funny crap post all about oranges. Till next time.

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