Picking up where I left…

This new blog I created picks up where I left off from my MSN space at http://spaces.msn.com/members/endorxdkang/. This doesn’t mean I’ll stop blogging there entirely either, I’ll just be updating random stuff there now and then, but I’m using this to record my school life.
Anyway, let’s get started.
Today’s my 15th Birthday, and I share it with See Wee. He’s older than me by a few hours. This day also happens to be Boy’s Brigade Day, but I don’t care.
School life went on pretty normally. I even forgot it was my birthday. Farah wrote it down at the side of the whiteboard, announcing the news to the whole class. I erased it later.
The news spread anyway, as predicted, and after school, someone called a gang over the the classroom for a birthday bash. Rather eagerly, I sat on the floor while they kicked at me like crazy. Thank goodness they didn’t know how to aim.
It was all over after a few seconds. I couldn’t believe it. THAT FAST?!
Anyway, that’ll be all for now. I’ll post the after-school details on the MSN space, so watch out for it!
(BTW, check this website out. It’s super funny shit, and it’s a blog created by another friend of mine that makes satires of everything in his miserable existence.

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