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Figma Homura


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January 2, 2012 · 13:53

Figma Products Number SP-012: Black Rock Shooter

I had been out of action from the photography scene for a very long time ever since my prosumer camera (which really doesn’t belong to me; it’s used by everybody in the family) broke down, so I was lucky to be able to borrow a friend’s point-and-shoot camera for the sole purpose of shelling out this post, which I really badly want to do to showcase just how awesome this Figma is. So sorry I can’t afford anything better at the moment like a DSLR; you’ll have to put up with a bunch of low-quality shots for now. Expect a bit of noise and a bit of graininess. Continue reading

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End of Year Event 2009

Yes, I am so very late on this, but I was determined to shell this post out before 2010 otherwise I’ll be accused of being one year late with this post lol. First post of the new year yay!

I took no photographs of my own during the event, so I had to rely on my photographer friend for a bit of photo coverage. All pictures here should be credited to Jason Trooper.

Didn’t do much phototaking this time around as I was concentrating more on cosplaying for the first time. A good part of the morning was spent doing last-minute preparations and purchases and a good part of the early afternoon was spent getting my act together before actually walking around. A million thanks to all the guys who showed up to help, Biggu Gai especially. :D Will buy you guys lunch once I have enough money. :P

I really do know how to pose like a Jedi, don't I?

My costume for that day was basically a mash-up Black Rock Trooper: Stormtrooper with a little bit of Black Rock Shooter elements mixed in. My usual white shins were replaced with Darth Vader shinguards and riding boots (special thanks to the 501st Singapore Garrison’s resident Darth Vader for loaning them to me), and instead of arming my blaster I carried a lightsaber (the Star Wars equivalent of BRS’s Black Blade). I must say, the lightsaber was the main draw of the costume. People’s reactions towards me when the lightsaber was turned on and when it wasn’t varied from completely awed to nonchalant. :P Credits to the SG Garrison’s resident Jedi for lending that to me.

Gai's is the one that is lit up. The other one belongs to kodomut.

Other add-ons to it include a tiny blue LED that shone from my visor, a cybernetic imitation of BRS’s blue flame over her left eye (didn’t look so convincing though, I’m gonna have to re-think this one), and a Figma Drossel hooked onto my guitar amplifier to keep me company. She had been specially lit up as well to accompany my light-blue colour theme. Credits to kodomut for pioneering this piece of advanced technology, and once again to Gai for his hard work and efforts in hooking me up with all the gadgetry.

A New Hope!

Met this Black Rock Shooter cosplayer who was hanging out with her gang just beside where me and the guys were camped. She’s really nice. :3

She was at EOY2008 too! Click image to find out more.

Hotmail screwed me over this time so I never received confirmation of my EOY2009 media pass until much later after the event. Also, by the time I was done getting my cosplay up I had no more money with me. The end result was that I never really got a chance to take a gander at the happenings with the Drama Centre on the 3rd floor, with neither a media pass nor a paid ticket. I was mostly confined to hanging out on the ground floor.

The space offered there was vast, much vaster than the 3rd floor of Suntec City, where cosplayers are always seen hanging out whenever cosplay conventions were held at the Suntec Convention Centre. I got to see much more cosplay this time around as compared to previous events, and I was quite surprised at the high turnout too. Here are some more photos documenting the event. More coverage at TD8316’s EOY2009 report.


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AFA Day 2

Sorry for being an entire week late. Ever since my A levels (unofficially) ended on Tuesday, I have been busying myself with some of the many engagements I had previously planned, including the electric guitar restoration and the fitness conditioning.

(I ought to mention too that I had decided to drop some of my proposed ideas due to lack of time/ resources.)

I would have wanted to simply leave  you with a bunch of photos in a gallery like AFA day one, but I felt obliged to make commentary on the event since this is a blog and not a Flickr account. Hence the added inertia when it came to composing this blog post. Continue reading


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AFA 09 Day One

It is 2 in the morning and I am dead tired right now, so I’ll just make this a quick image-intensive post. To summarize, the entire event in overall was a lot better organized this year as compared to the last, especially with the ticketing. Security for the I <3 Anisong event was stepped up a good few notches too, with a more systematic queue system for both pass holders and regular event goers (I didn’t attend the concert by the way; had Stormtrooper business to attend to). Had a lot of fun roving around taking pictures, checking out booths and watching stage performances. Continue reading


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Re: Everybody Is Scared Excited for AFA’09

When comments do not seem to work, I fall back on trackbacks!

While I agree that Danny Choo has contributed to the global surge of the popularity of anime, I wouldn’t say that it was he who mainstreamed it. Rather, he only documented it, the industry has by itself assimilated into Hollywood culture. It’s like a paradigm shift, the conformation of a certain pattern because of its proximity to ideality, that drove otaku subculture to become the way it is now. Manga artists of today will find it hard to get by in Japan if they do not write within the mainstream genres. “It’s going to be especially difficult to make a living for the kind of authors who can’t pen ero/parody/bishonen/bishoujo manga (in fact it is right now).” -Tamiki Wakai, Shounen Sunday mangaka.

I suppose the Japanese are seeing how this scheme has benefited the Americans, and are copying them in hopes of achieving similar success. Just my two cents, may not be worth the two cents though.

By the way TP bro, I can’t make it for the dinner thing on Friday. Got something else to attend to. You guys enjoy yourselves there.

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K-On! at AFA 09


With regards to this post: Continue reading

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Cosfest 09

TK8315 supports YAOI too

TK8315 supports YAOI too

TK8315 and TK8316 rushed down to D’Marquee at Downtown East on Sunday, 12th July, to report for trooping duty at a fan gathering convention known as Cosfest.

While awaiting the main bulk of pictures from my report which I shall pad this post with, here are a choice few featuring myself, taken by Yukito, Nutcase23, Kil and Denise.

My K-On! Cosplay Group from

Showing my support

An interesting find.

An interesting find.

Hey, where'd he go?

But hey, where'd that sneaky guy go?



Next post: TK8315’s Picture Coverage and Trooping Log on Cosfest 2009. Just as soon as my friend finishes burning the 600MB worth of pix into a CD and I go across the country just to retrieve it from him.

Tomodachi says 'buh-bai'.

Tomodachi says 'buh-bai'.


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One Factor That Might Influence Me into Watching CLANNAD.

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Douzo girl (Fuko). Oh so Moe.

I feel like starting on Gurren Lagann too (yes, I know I’m late). Can’t find episode 2 on Youtube (or anywhere else for that matter, aside from torrent sites, which I’m choosing to stay away from) though. My progress on Ninomiya-kun! so far is at episode 7. Yup, it’s not much, but I’m definitely picking up momentum again.

A few more updates on my situation:
-Access to the Lenovo laptop has been reduced to just my mum and me. In other words, when my mum’s not using it (which is most of the time) I have complete possession. Not like last time, when my sis used to dominate it.
-I’ve just started on Grenado Espada. femminile family (small f), Caravaggio (Italian for feminine, the closest word I could get that sounds like ‘family’).
-I’m reviving my rusty PangYa and Trickster accounts. Now I have to work out a timetable so I can devote equally divided attention to all my games.
-I have to divide an equal portion of attention for gym too. the one near my house has just opened.
-Some of this ‘time’ actually falls under the wee hours of the morning. No, I’m not afraid. :P
-Not much progress on stories.
Kay, that’s it. that=nks for the page hits, everyone who’s viewed my blog! thank you, Danny Choo, for creating! Drawing page views has never been easier!


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